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Meet the local dour photographer!

About a year ago I met an illustrator called Glenn Hustler. Glenn may be very familiar to some of you reading this (and if he isn't then why not?) but I only knew him at the time as that guy who used to work at Delius. I didn't know anything about what he did and I certainly didn't know it was him who'd created the marvelous illustrations on the aforementioned pub's walls. We spoke over the bar and exchanged cards in Wetherspoons awkwardly and apologetically and went away to check out out each others work. Suitably impressed by what we saw we arranged to meet for fish and chips at The Inn Plaice on Sunbridge Road to get to know each other better, and get to know each other better we did. After a few romantic walks around crack dens and needle infested abandoned mills Glenn threw me a massive lifeline putting my work on sale in his shop in Sunbridge Wells which led to some fantastic developments for me.

Throughout this time I was trying to think of way that Glenn's dour satirical illustrations and my particular brand of gritty photography could work together. I suggested to Glenn that the depressed and dejected characters who populate his work could potentially populate my street scenes and bring together the worlds of monochrome photography and illustration.

These two images are the results of our first two collaborations.

To read more about this meeting of minds in Glenn's infinitely wittier words click the link below to take you to Glenn's site. While you're there you may as well check out some more of his fantastic work too.


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